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Sunflower fields


“Sunflower Field” is a compelling 120×100 cm oil on canvas painting that beautifully depicts a woman carrying a baby, set against an abstract natural background. This artwork harmoniously blends the themes of motherhood and nature, creating an evocative and visually stunning piece.

Oil on canvas


“Sunflower Field” is a striking oil painting on canvas that measures 120 x 100 cm. The artwork features a poignant scene of a woman carrying a baby, symbolizing the nurturing essence of motherhood. This central figure is placed within an abstract natural background, filled with vibrant and dynamic forms that evoke the beauty and energy of a sunflower field.

The use of oil paints brings a richness and depth to the colors, with the golden yellows and earthy tones of the abstract sunflowers contrasting beautifully with the serene presence of the mother and child. The artist’s expressive brushwork and layered textures create a sense of movement and life, capturing the warmth and vitality of the natural world.

The abstract background, while suggestive of a sunflower field, allows for personal interpretation, making the painting both specific in its depiction of maternal love and universal in its representation of the human connection to nature. The overall composition evokes feelings of peace, protection, and the timeless bond between mother and child.

“Sunflower Field” is more than just a visual experience; it is an emotional journey that celebrates the beauty of life and the intimate moments of care and connection. This painting is an ideal addition to any collection, bringing a touch of nature’s splendor and the essence of motherhood into any space.

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