Artist statement

ZUZANA PETRÁKOVÁ (b. 1983) She works with painting, predominantly with oils. Working with canvas pushes her to dive into her psyche and connect to the outer world at once. Zuzana’s primary focus is investigating the expressive forms and nuances of an intimate relationship. Each work contains a multitude of intense moments, feelings, and experiences. Relationships, as well as solitude, are mirrors of the human soul. Searching for oneself and subsequently creating one’s identity are fascinating subjects for her. Visually her works evolved from years of exploring abstract painting. Usually, she is working simultaneously on more paintings, layering paint on canvas and allowing work to gradually reveal itself. Conscious and slow work with a brush allows her to be present in a moment. Previously working in different fields, creative work becomes her core focus and she has settled down in visual arts. She enjoys sharing her vision and wishes to continue her life journey as an artist. Zuzana currently lives in Bratislava, Slovakia.
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Exhibitions: 2022 Self(LOVE) (collective exhibition, Gallery 1202, Gilroy, California) 2021 Affinity (Group online exhibition, Pepney Gallery, Cavan, Ireland) 2020 In Isolation Together (Group online exhibition, Artcore Gallery, Derby, UK) 2020 Intimists 5 (Group online exhibition, La Fenice Gallery, Hong Kong, China) 2020 Early Dawn 1/20 (Group online exhibition, Dagaz Gallery, New South Wales, Australia) 2019 ObJAV (collective exhibition, Happy Melon Gallery, Smolenice, Slovakia) 2018 Atlantis (individual exhibition, Sawtell Framing & Beachscapes Gallery, New South Wales, Australia) 2017 Four Suns (individual exhibition, FUGA, Bratislava, Slovakia) 2017 O.Z.O.R.A. (collective exhibition, Dádpuszta, Hungary ) 2017 Minimal (individual exhibition, AvrahKedavra, Bratislava, Slovakia) 2014 Organic (Shisha Chill, Bratislava, Slovakia) 2011 Perla dell’Adriatico (collective exhibition, Grottammare, Italy) 2011 Deň Len (collective exhibition, Bratislava, Slovakia) 2011 Stopy po dotykoch mojej duše/Traces of soul’s touch (individual exhibition, Bratislava, Slovakia) 2011 Chvála Bláznivosti/The praise of folly (collective exhibition, Bratislava, Slovakia – Nitra) 2011 San Crispino (Porto Sant’ Elpidio, Italy) Press: 2021 Marvelous Art Magazine January Issue (Marvelous Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey) 2020 Altiba9 Issue4 art magazine (Barcelona Spain | Algiers Algeria) Awards: 2011 Premio Speciale „GIOVANI EMERGENTI“ at Perla dell’Adriatioco (Grottammare, Italy)  
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