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Field of peonies


Explore “Field Of Peonies,” a 60×80 cm oil on canvas painting depicting a mother and daughter in a vibrant field of blooming peonies with hidden child toys and expressive violet clouds. Contemporary and emotive, ready to enhance any space.

Oil on canvas

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“Field Of Peonies” is a captivating oil painting on canvas, measuring 60 x 80 cm, that beautifully captures an intimate moment between a mother and daughter amidst a vibrant field of blooming peonies. This contemporary expressive figural painting uses dynamic brushstrokes and rich colors to convey the deep emotional connection between the figures and their enchanting surroundings.

The scene is alive with the lush beauty of peonies in full bloom, their petals rendered with delicate precision and vibrant hues. Among the flowers, hidden child toys add a whimsical touch, inviting viewers to explore the details and stories embedded within the painting. The expressive drawing style brings a sense of movement and life to the composition, highlighting the spontaneity and joy of the moment.

Above, violet clouds stretch across the sky, contrasting beautifully with the vivid colors of the peonies and adding a dreamlike quality to the scene. “Field Of Peonies” is a perfect addition to any art collection, offering a contemporary yet timeless piece that celebrates the beauty of nature and the tender bond between mother and daughter. Its expressive style and gestural drawing make it a stunning focal point for any room.

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